Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is this the most tasteless ad you've seen all day?

Apparently a new Harvey Nichols advertisement for a big sale is getting people all worked up.

The ad, with the tag line "The Harvey Nichols Sale... Try To Contain Your Excitement," features male and female models in fancy outfits with... wait for it.. PEE running down their legs! Get it? They're so excited about the sale that they peed in their silky, silky pants.

The ad even prompted this from the Huffington Post Canada:

Funny coming from the Huffington Post who often runs tasteless material on their website and their title page(like this little number.) But, who cares who writes it, are these really the most tasteless ad campaigns you've seen all day?

To be perfectly frank, they certainly are not the most tasteless ads I've seen all day. In my opinion, they don't even come close to being tasteless. I actually think the ad is funny. Here's a bunch of posts featuring ads that are super tasteless, like men having sex with women who have pictures of cars over their faces, or jokes about domestic abuse. Advertisements consistently and without fail sexualize, racialize, and demean women while simultaneously creating an unrealistic vision of beauty that no human can live up to. In light of this, I'm surprised that a little bit of pee is getting people upset. Anyone who has witnessed a big sale knows how crazy people get: they rip things out of one another's hands, they hit eachother, they swear, and I wouldn't be surprised if they peed their pants once in awhile.

How about this for the most tasteless ad, Piranha "3DD." I see it every single day in the TTC Stations and on the trains where the posters are perfectly lined up to the eyesights of children. I guess the difference here is that we're looking at tits and we know that the piranhas are going to rip this lady to shreds, which is totally normal!

People, it's pee. Calm down.

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