Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Because nothing screams "Summer" like a lifeless zombie.

It just hailed in Toronto, but it's summer somewhere! And that means it's time to buy summer dresses.

My friend Adele posted the Joe Fresh website on her Facebook a little while ago and pointed out this lovely model:

Adele pointed out that she doesn't mind when models are super skinny and I tend to agree. I don't mind skinny models at all, what bothers me is the lack of diversity in modelling. I want to see skinny models because there are skinny girls in real life. I also want to see models that aren't skinny because it seems like selling women's products(And men's products) should be less of a fantasy land and more based in reality. What Adele didn't like, and what I don't like, is the fact that this model looks like she has one foot in the grave. 

The skinny factor doesn't matter, what really matters is all of these little "make the models look skinner" tricks: rolling their shoulders in, hunching over, the old stuck out broken hip. Paired with the fact that she looks like she can't support her own body weight and you have a pretty standard and boring shot of a model. How does this sell a summer dress? 

"Ladies, for only $30 you can wear this dress while you lay in the shade at the park, watching other people eat and play." 

"This dress is a great choice, for the MORGUE."

"Nothing compliments the coroner's slab like this seasons'  oranges and yellows!"

Ads like this are what give skinny models a bad name. Joe Fresh is supposed to be for normal people who have normal jobs, people who shop at Loblaws. This model not only looks abnormal, but she looks like she died right before the shoot took place and to save money they just propped her up in the outfit.

Gross, Joe Fresh, gross.

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