Thursday, December 2, 2010

let them fight, to the death!

the globe and mail put together this handy little list of city councillors for, against, or on the fence about transit city.

it's pretty interesting to look at the segments of the city that support the plan--trinity spadina, roseadle, danforth, parkdale/high park--parts of the city that heavily rely on transit, transit that is being overburdened and is losing its capacity to serve its users. but these are parts of the city where the subway can't be expanded, so LRT seems like a good plan to unburden the system.

also, this list is good because it breaks down this whole suburbs vs core thing.

york centre, don valley east, scarborough centre, don valley west. these are all parts of the city that have a city councillor for AND against transit city. that means that it isn't just "us vs them", that certain parts of the city aren't just responsible for ruining everything. it means that instead of coming to quick conclusions we have to actually learn about why those parts of the city are divided and how the needs of both sides can be met without sacrificing public transit.


  • Adam Vaughan (Trinity Spadina)
  • Maria Augimeri (York Centre)
  • Kristyn Wong-Tam (Toronto Centre Rosedale)
  • Mike Layton (Trinity Spadina)
  • Glen de Baeremaeker (Scarborough Centre)
  • Mary Fragedakis (Toronto Danforth)
  • Sarah Doucette (Parkdale High Park)
  • Janet Davis (Beaches East York)
  • Paula Fletcher (Toronto Danforth)
  • Josh Matlow (St. Paul's)
  • Joe Mihevc (St. Paul's)
  • Gord Perks (Parkdale-High Park)
  • Shelley Carroll (Don Valley East)
  • Mary-Margaret McMahon (Beaches East York)

For but with changes:

  • Jaye Robinson (Don Valley West)
  • Ana Bail√£o (Davenport)
  • Josh Colle (Eglinton Lawrence)
  • Frank Di Giorgio (York South-Weston)


  • Gary Crawford (Scarborough Southwest)
  • James Pasternak (York Centre)
  • Vincent Crisanti (Etobicoke North)
  • Mike Del Grande (Scarborough Agincourt)
  • David Shiner (Willowdale)
  • Peter Milczyn (Etobicoke Lakeshore)
  • John Parker (Don Valley West)
  • Michael Thompson (Scarborough Centre)
  • Gloria Lindsay Luby (Etobicoke Centre)
  • Denzil Minnan Wong (Don Valley East)
  • Raymond Cho (Scarborough Rouge River)
i see my city councillor on the "for" list, and i emailed him yesterday to voice my support for transit city and my concern about "killing it."

don't see your councillor on the list? is your councillor expressing a view that you don't support?
don't know who your city councillor is?

find your city councillor's contact info here and email them. call them!

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