Wednesday, September 8, 2010

vari hall NOT renovated?!

remember before the summer how york university was planning on "renovating " vari hall???

remember how york was all like "we're renovating the space, noone can stop us!!"

well, someone stopped them.

the only time available to "renovate" (or, clutter the space with tables and chairs) was summer time. a well known fact, the summer time slot is the only time that there are few enough students at york to justify making vari hall off limits.

was it the vari hall heritage preservation committee?? was it the person who nominated vari hall for heritage site protection?? did the varis, catching wind of the nomination and controversy, withdraw their support for the renovations??

somebody, some group, somehow BEAT york university on the vari hall renovations. shouldn't we have some kind of party?? shouldn't there be some kind of story in the excalibur? shouldn't people be walking around vari hall pumping their fists?

york ALWAYS wins. in this case, they didn't. it's time to celebrate!!!

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