Tuesday, July 13, 2010

people who live in the beaches might be kind of crazy.

back in may i read about these people in the beaches whose neighbour was launching a kind of war against them. basically the story goes like this: a couple with some kids have their dream home, the wife gets very sick-can no longer live in dream house, they find a dream property where they can build an accessible home that accomodates sick wife's needs, they are happy. enter crotchety old neighbour lady: she is not happy, and she complains about the plans to build an accessible dream home to accomodate everyone's needs, she makes this couple's life very difficult.

at first i assumed it was just this one crazy lady in the beaches who was selfish and felt like it would end the world if the beaches changed at all.

but then i read this story in the star: "rental property splits neighborhood"

guess which neighbourhood? the beaches!!!

"Next door is 48-year-old Stuart Defreitas, who spent $400,000 transforming his home into a three-storey “dream house,” one he no longer feels comfortable in.

“I would love to enjoy my house but I absolutely do not enjoy it,” Defreitas said. “I’m harassed to the point where I don’t want to live in my house.”

Defreitas said his neighbour is constantly scrutinizing him and reporting every perceived bylaw infraction to the city. But deSousa says he has been forced to police his neighbour because he is the one feeling harassed — not by Defreitas directly but by the presence of the many people who rent out his five-bedroom home."

this guy is pissed because defreitas rents out his own home to short term vacationers--pretty standard practise, actually.

the neighbour defends some of his(creepy) actions by stating:

his neighbour’s house has become a “turn-key operation,” attracting “all sorts of transients” that bring traffic and noise to their quiet, family-oriented neighbourhood.

“What happens if my kids are in some way or another assaulted by someone who lives next door?” deSousa asks, adding he has reached a point of “desperation.”

“We are policing what is going on next door. We don’t want to be living next to that.”

he photographs the property and the tenants, and makes what his neighbour claims are bogus complaints to the city about noise and numbers of people.

seriously?? torontonians are notoriously weird and anal, but the beaches people? they're just plain crazy.

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