Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fuck rob ford. for real, fuck that guy.

after what the toronto star called an "emotional debate", the toronto city council has voted 36-0 to "commend" chief of police blair and the toronto police for their job at the G20.

rob ford, a city councillor and mayoral candidate, said that no review of police actions were necessary because the police were actually "too nice", "more than polite", and "more than accomodating."

yes, i'm sure that John Pruyn would agree. he's the 57 year older man who was at queen's park participating in a safe-zone peaceful protest with his daughter when toronto police decided to arrest them both. when pruyn couldn't get up fast enough for them--due to his prosthetic leg--they did him a favour and removed it for him.

the police tore this guy's leg off and ordered him to "hop" to the police paddy wagon. pruyn also claims that the police gave him "kicks and little punches" telling him he was resisting arrest and he had a weapon. they then took him to one of their little homemade jails where they tossed him in a mesh cage with a cement floor and left him there, for another 27 hours. unable to make a phone call or find out where his 25 year old daughter was taken, pruyn describes the conditions of his prison here.

so yeah, rob ford, i guess the police were way too nice to this peaceful protester. this father, husband, who works for revenue canada. clearly this government employee with one prosthetic leg was asking to be humiliated, brutalized, and have his rights withheld. they probably should have just gone michael bryant on the protesters and driven through the city, plowing them down one by one.

how embarrassing for toronto. to have an entire city council justify such blatant abuse of police power is not just cowardly but completely and totally incomprehensible. and to think, some of these fuckers want to be mayor of this city.

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