Monday, April 20, 2009

the best patio in toronto?

the other day we had a problem. we were all 'what what, where did this sunshine come from" and we realized that it was the first actual afternoon patio beer day.

there's always that one day that you think is a patio day, so you go and sit on a patio until the clouds roll over and you have to haul your freezing ass inside.

this was no such day. this was real sunshine.

but then there's that conversation about which patio to go to and we all know that patio selection is a sensitive and complicated process. you have to try to guess where everyone else is going to go so that you don't have to wait in line, you need to pick a perpetually sunny spot so that you're not in the shade, and you want cheapness to the max.

our solution?
six lakeport cans, two big gulp cups, and trinity bellwoods park.

for less than $13 we got:
- optimal sunshine
- sweet release from the confines of chairs and the freedom to sprawl
- a glance at summertime hipster mating rituals
- the musical stylings of a drunk man sittin on the bench, making up his own song

all in all, we think this summer is going to be a frugal park party- tell the (bar) man to shove it, because the best patio in toronto is clearly your local park.


Kirsten said...

Park drinking is a HUGE hobby of mine. Cheap and cheerful, what more could you ask for?

tee said...

i feel that the grange park would be a potentially great patio substitute....

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