Wednesday, January 14, 2009

rosie dimanno gets the idiot prize once again..

Some highlights from DiManno's article today on Canada's vote at the UNHRC, entitled 'Canada a voice of integrity at UN':

"It is an increasing rarity for a country to do the right thing, boldly.
That is especially true from within the diplomatic bell jar of the United Nations, where tact and expedience so often trounce ethics.
Thus Canada is to be commended, rather than trashed, for voting against a preposterously imbalanced motion, courtesy of the agency's thoroughly discredited and Orwellian human rights council, a misnomer if ever one existed."

"Instead, predictably, the council used this moment of urgency to yet again display its warped sensibilities, cranking out a foolishly biased indictment of Israel while failing to include any acknowledgment of human rights violations by Hamas – provocateur of this crisis and at least equally responsible for the protracted harm being caused."

"Israel – a vigorous democracy, the only such creature in its geographical neighbourhood"

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